Restoring the Lost Blog Navbar

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Restoring the Lost Blog Navbar

You certainly know the blogger navbar eliminate risk, which we can account banned by google. Because it eliminates the navbar is a violation of TOS (TOS is an agreement between bloggers with us that we must agree as to create a blog). My desire to post about how to restore the navbar this blog started when I was blog walking to the place of the master - master blog, precisely in his blog kang Rohman and his o-om blog. There I think why the navbar on their blogs are not eliminated. Then I searched on google mbah place, it turns out there are some bloggers that their accounts banned for violating TOS. Too bad my blog when we have maintained for months - months, years - banned taxable year. Sometimes we put up a new template for our blog that do not exist already navbarya nor do we eliminate it, I will explain the stages - stage pembalian way navbar below:

1. Login is to blogger

2. Go to edit HTML pages and to be safe, you should backup your template is first.

3. Find the code below: (use Ctrl + F to search)

     # navbar-iframe {
     display: none! important;

if you have found, delete the code.

4. If you do not find the code, it means that your template is different. Please find the code below:

     # navbar-iframe {height: 0px; visibility: hidden; display: none}

If you have found, delete the code.

5. If you still have not found the code, find code that is almost similar. Then delete the code.

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